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Time:09:09 pm
I thought I'd take time to praise some journals that I really, really love. These are pages written by fearless Women on Live Journal who are bold in their expression and intelligent in their presentation. It's so important for Women to encourage each other, especially when it comes to unabashed Female empowerment.

First, disconscious writes exceptionally well about about Matriarchy and Female empowerment. This is one of my favorite entries of hers from her journal feminazis:

A Light Crying In The Dark

Another exceptional journal is relatively new. The user is xx_lilim_xx and her community is called solidarity_xx. She has a great energy and dynamism about the cause of Matriarchy and she is a gifted writer.

Please visit these communities and show your support for other Women who are out there boldly fighting for Women's power, ascension and dominion.

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Time:02:41 pm
This is a religious holiday and, as I stated in my last post, I have no problem with religiosity or spiritualism. I'm am a spiritual person. I thought, however, it would be interesting to post something which shows the hidden Matriarchal strands in even Christianity. My last post about Lilith is testimony to the hidden Matriarchy in Judaism (Lilith is a concept that flowered in the kabbalistic teachings of the Jewish faith). Christianity also has a secret branch, called "Gnosticism" ("Gnosticism," actually, is a general term for secret teachings in many faiths, but it is used, often, to refer specifically to secret Christian teachings).

There is a tract called "The Thunder: Perfect Mind" which expresses a Female-centered concept of divinity. It is interesting to note that these teachings were branded as heresies in the fourth and fifth centuries and eradicated from all Christian teachings. These writings had disappeared for hundreds of years until they were rediscovered in 1948. I present some excerpts from the Matriarchal writing, "The Thunder: Perfect Mind":

"I was sent forth from the power
and I have come to those who reflect upon me,
and I have been found among those who seek after me.
Look upon me and reflect upon me,
and you hearers, hear me...

For I am the first and the last
I am the honored one and the scorned one.
I am the whore and the holy one.
I am the wife and the virgin.
I am the mother and the daughter.
I am the members of my mother.
I am the barren one
and many are her sons.
I am she whose wedding is great,
and I have not taken a husband.
I am the midwife and she who does not bear...

I am the ruler of my offspring...

I am knowledge and ignorance.
I am shame and boldness.
I am shameless; I am ashamed.
I am strength and I am fear.
I am war and peace...

But I, I am compassionate and I am cruel...

In my weakness, do not forsake me,
and do not be afraid of my power...

I am the one who has been hated everywhere
and who has been loved everywhere.
I am the one whom they have called Life,
and you have called Death...

I am control and the uncontrollable.
I am the union and the disollution...

Here me in gentleness and learn of me in roughness.
I am she who cries out...

Give heed then, you hearers
and you also, the angels and those who have been sent,
and you spirits who have arisen from the dead.

For I am the one who alone exists,
and I have no one who will judge me."

This is the voice of the divine Woman. This is what we need to reclaim in our souls: our place, our right, our truth and dominion in the world and our cosmos. If the universe gives birth to all things, then the universal constant is Female, and we need to reclaim the power of that truth and tear off our spiritual shackles.

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Subject:Daughters of Lilith/Daughters of Eve
Time:10:06 am

Because this is a holy weekend for some, I thought it would be good to discuss the Female archetypes that we've inherited in this Judeo-Christian culture. I am by no means anti-religious. I feel a deep spirituality-- a spirituality that is divinely Female. Because of this, I've noted how women have internalized sensibilities and sensitivities which are self-defeating and self-oppressive. So much of this internal doubt and fear comes from perversions of spirituality perpetrated by men. This is not finger-pointing victimization, but, rather, simple fact. Women inhabit a world which is nurtured, in truth, by a divinely Feminine power, by a cosmos which is female, but they are told that they are just afterthoughts in a male realm. How sad and shameful.

Take the Old Testament, for instance. We are told that Eve was created from Adam's rib-- in effect that Woman was created from man, an adjunct to man. How ludicrous. We all learn as schoolgirls that, scientifically, the male of our species is really just an aberration of the female. The Y chromosome is simply an aborted X-- so, in truth, Women are, in fact, the whole of species and men, really, are a variation of Women, and not the other way around.

Think of that: Patriarchal religion tells us that Women are a variation of men, while scientific fact tells us the reverse. Sound suspicious? Of course. It is clear that male myth is a desperate attempt to explain away their vulnerability, their uncertainty. Woman is complete, Woman gives life, the process of existence is no mystery to her. She sees the world as it is in Mother Nature's truth. Man approaches his mother in nature with ignorance and fear, and, in male fashion, brutalizes truth to fit his insecurities.

Consider Eve again:

According to the Rabbinic Talmud, Adam had a wife before Eve, whose name was Lilith. Her story seems to have been invented to reconcile the different creation myths of Genesis chapters 1 and 2. In chapter 1, man and woman are created out of the earth; but in chapter 2, Adam is alone, and so God makes Eve from his rib.

In this story, she is created at more or less the same time as Adam, and, as was Adam, out of the ground. Because of this she tries to assert her equality -- an assertion which Adam rejects. Refusing to conform to Adam's desires, she escapes from Eden, and is subsequently replaced by the more subservient Eve (who has less claim to equality, since she was made out of Adam's side). The whole duality of Female existence in the age of Patriarchy can be seen her in Eve and Lilith. Eve, the good Woman, surrendered, subservient, happy in her deference, and Lilith, the "bitch," simply put. Lilith asserts her equality, Adam rejects it, so she rejects him. She is left to wander the wilderness as a Wild Woman. Eve comes along, smiling and foolish, and sells herself to Adam's pride in abject submission.

The majority of Women in our culture have internalized the sensibilities of Eve because that is what has been ingrained in us for millennia. So deep and pervasive is this sensibility that even those Women who call themselves "feminist" are trapped by it. They rage furiously at we who demand to lead, who demand dominion. They scream that we are not being "fair" to men, the we are the "oppressors" by espousing Matriarchy. They just want to "get along" with men, their "Adams." So internalized is their Eve nature, that they don't realize that their refusal to be the ones in charge, to accept Female dominion, is really just a fear of upsetting the apple cart, so to speak, of not knowing "our place." Their is no other way to see this. It's not about "fairness" or "oppressiveness," though they say that, it's about fear of going against what they have been brainwashed to believe is nature: A world lead by strong men followed by "good," "supportive" Women. They like to support Adam;We tell him to accept our dominion or go.

It seems that our "P.C." Feminists are daughters of Eve, while we "Matrifascists" and "Feminazis" trace our lineage from Lilith.
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Time:09:27 pm

She waits for us to find her lead. She waits patiently and tries exhaustively to open our eyes. She is the Woman of the future, the Matrifascist. I know this Woman and Women like her. They work in the shadows for now, chipping away at the concrete ceiling of patriarchy so that light of Female power will bathe us, warm us. This is the Woman who awakened me to Matriarchy and began the journey which led me here. She is a sister who is fearless in her beliefs and bold in the definition of herself. Sadly, the circle of Women who have taken the light from her is small, yet she still exults in her journey, delights in it, and is unabashed about defining power in terms of herself as a Woman without explanation needed as to how she makes that definition. She leads.

Feminism needs to be fearless, not P.C. Our battle is for ourselves, our battle is for Women, and whatever tools need to be used, must be used, should be used, whether they upset our gentler sisters who always worry about whether we are being "fair" to me. Do men ever really worry about that when it comes to Women? Really? Look around and behold a world of exceptional Women playing "the little woman" to unexceptional men.

It's time to move forward and to do it without compunction. Women must be fearless, perhaps even ruthless, if they are to make the change that has been wanting for thousands of years. We live in an age where there are more and more Women who see this, who have begun the fight, who have begun to lead. A general alone, without an army, is no threat. We must build. Feminists are too sheepish about structure and organization, too averse to allowing the kind of rigid leadership that is required to build a revolution. We need to have a plan and a model of order and we need to allow some sisters to lead us and mentor those who will take the lead in the future. Time is of the essence, for those with the fire must keep it burning that it be passed.

How long will she wait? How long can she?

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Time:09:06 pm

We must consider ourselves-- "Know thyself." I have been considering. I have noted that in this Live Journal world the personal is the most captivating to people. I have chosen to avoid the personal as much as possible in order to focus on the political, the social, etc. I do not believe that the truth of politics is that "the personal is the political," but I know that it rings true for some.

I have been examining myself in order to understand what I've experienced, thus far, in my Live Journal sojourn. I know that I am reluctant to discuss the personal on these pages, but what of it? For me, the reflection in the mirror isn't as important as the reflection of the world, yet this is not always the case. The Live Journal community feminazis is extraordinary in how its author makes the political and personal as one-- I hope that you all read it.

I will continue to focus on the general, but I will let you in to some of the personal. I feel immersed within a circle of solitude at times as I try to spread the message of Matriarchy. I see a world of Women drugged by materialist fantasies and gender stereotypes that cause them to run to the "protection" of men who aren't worth them. I see their potential and power sold up the river for a handbag or a place to stay. I see myself and wonder if my solitude is worth it-- and then I remember the fire of the truth, the secret things as I have discovered them, and I continue on.

I wish to find the font of power for my sisters and share the elixir with them.

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Time:08:26 pm

I can sense it in the air-- soft, light, like scent barely perceptible. I can notice it's trail her on the Net, on the Live Journal. Though I have received quite a lot of angry and negative response on so-called "feminist" journals, I have noticed that there are more than a few Women who are responding positively to the notion of Matriarchy or Female supremacy. At the very least, I'd like this journal to be a place where Women can feel free to assert themselves boldly, to be fearlessly aggressive in their beliefs, to let slip the dogs of rage and power.
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Time:11:49 pm
I've posted often and I'm interested to hear what the members of this community have to say. I'd like to know how the Women here feel about these statements-- their criticism or approval. Below is a set of points that I feel are vital to Female empowerment. I'd love to know your opinions on them.

Eight Points of Female Empowerment:

1. Women have not achieved equality in any real political, social or economic sense in our society.
2. Because Women have not achieved equality, we advocate principles of Matriarchy to achieve that end.
3. Power is a zero-sum game-- either you have it or you don't. There is no use pretending that Women can achieve real power in a patriarchal or male-dominated society. Women must have control of all areas of power in order to assure that they have any power at all.
4. "Equality" is only possible for Women when they are in charge of the dispensing of power and the defining of "equal."
5. Matriarchy, Female Supremacy or Female control is the only sane response for Women who call themselves "Feminist" and want to see women's rights protected.
6. Our society and world will be better off when run by Women because male-control has brought about cruelty, selfishness, rampant violence, bloody wars and all manner of the like. Yes, men have produced great things that have benefited humanity, but their time of their dominion has run its course and all recent developments by men can only lead to global destruction and oppression.
7. Women must be unafraid to be forceful in the actualizing of their desires for power. They must be unafraid to seem "unfair" if it is to ensure that they will be treated fairly.
8. Women must be unafraid to be in charge, have power and define that power in terms of their own interests.
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Time:11:26 pm
In the quest for "equality" many Feminists have settled for mediocrity. They are afraid of being too "extremist," or else they feel that it "isn't right" to call for Female power. I've written this many times, but I'll write it again, "This is absurd." Women will never achieve equality through modest or moderate means. Men will placate our needs and pat Women on the head, but they will never share power. Indeed, power cannot be shared-- it doesn't last under those conditions. When we call for Female power, we are not calling for the immolation of men, rather, what we say is that if Women want power, they must take it for themselves.

Power is a proportion-- it relates one set of variables or numbers to another. At the means, the average, is the status quo. At each of the extremes is the potential standard of change. For centuries, we have lived in a world defined my male proportions, with their extremes defining the constant mean of things. We must change this. Let the extremes be defined by Women and let society be defined by Female extremes.

The only way to pull the "average" of society towards Women's wants and needs is to forcefully pull the extremes in that direction. Mealy-mouthed feminists who sing "Kumbaya" (even when they pretend they don't) and get upset with a call for Matriarchy, Female rule, will consign Women to an eternity of weak deference and second-status acceptance. There is simply no way for Women to get the things we need, as we define our needs, by accepting the means, the average as defined by the extremes of men. Women must push the edges, stretch the limits and force the world in a Female direction.

As such, we call for radical views and radical change and we must not be frightened by that. All that really means is that we feel the world would be far better for Women (and, I would argue, for men too) if Women boldly took charge and grabbed power in all spheres: political, social, economic and religious. Spending all day arguing over the minutia of this program or that statement is not the way. The goals must be defined and Women must be unafraid of having power and using it for our own ends.

In truth, I believe that Matriarchy would produce a more sane, safe and balanced world than the one we live in now--
and the only path to Matriarchy is to use the mathematics of the extreme.

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Time:10:09 pm

We live in the age of acceptability of sexist dogma and sexist "common sense," and that fact tires me, enrages me. Nowhere is that more prevalent than in the recent controversy regarding Women's "natural" abilities in science and math. While men scamper to explain the lack of Women in positions of power in the areas of math and science, and self-hating Women defend their equivocation, the real truth of matter is conveniently overlooked.

Firstly, there is an exceptional amount of evidence that Women routinely exceed men academically, and have done so for years. I have promised to discuss this in much greater detail, and I will, but, for now, suffice it to say that throughout the Western world, Female students have outperformed men for nearly two decades. The statistical evidence in the U.S. and U.K. alone bears this out. Women make up 60% of college students in the U.S. currently, and have maintained that percentage for over two decades. In the U.K., young Women outperform young men on all "A" Level tests. For the most part, language skills are the domain of Women. It is true that only in math and science do men perform slightly better than women-- but only slightly, and the margin is much smaller than in other areas.

Moreover, there is plenty of evidence that when young women are motivated and encouraged, they excel in these areas. Girls in Iceland and Sweden are better than boys in math and physics by large margins. The margin in Iceland alone was 15% for young Women over men. Their teachers report that these young Women are highly motivated-- much more motivated than young men. Of course, with results like these, there is no stigma or doubt for Icelandic Women with respect to their mathematical abilities, unlike in many other Western countries.

It should also be noted that, historically, the imagery of Woman was inextricable with mathematics.

Arithmetic was personified as a Woman:


So was geometry:


Evidently, it has always been okay to personify the mathematical arts as Female so long as no person actually practicing them is.

It has been my experience in tutoring young Women in math, that a large amount of their difficulty is not in understanding, but rather in confidence. Once they believe they can do well in math, I've seen them show outstanding results. We still have a culture where young Women are taught to be modest rather than bold, to defer rather than lead, and this affects all aspects of social life. Why, in a country where Women routinely outperform men academically, and where mental power is more lucrative than physical power, do we still have a society where the factors of production are still dominated by men? Because Women still fear the exercise of power and ability, and until we overcome this fear, Women will remain the second sex.
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Time:06:38 am

Once again I shall return to this extraordinary work, The BITCH Manifesto. In it, the true heart of that which holds back the ascendancy of Women is exposed. For, in truth, no patriarchy could ever contain the power of Womanhood without the complicity of Women themselves. Women, caught in a "slave mentality" which causes them to doubt themselves, fear their own power and resent other Women's assertiveness, aggressiveness and success, are the chief architects of their own submission.

What happens to slaves? They are taught to fear their masters. They are taught to doubt their own abilities. They are taught to believe that their happiness is dependent on their master's happiness and that any slave who displeases their master also displeases them and, consequently, brings about their unhappiness.

How does this apply to Women? Women have been domesticated over the centuries. They believe that men are best suited to provided for their needs (no matter what contemporary Women say to the contrary, their decisions in the bonds of matrimony tell the hidden truth), so that consequently anything that makes things more difficult for a man makes things difficult for them. It is the Woman who sacrifices her career. It is the Woman who follows the man to where there is work, rather than have the man stay where She can have greater achievement. It is Women who chide other Women for being too bossy, too pushy. They will work happily for an assertive man and think of him as strong, but the same qualities in a Female boss appear as tyrannical to them. Rather than appreciate their sister's power, they resent it.

In the BITCH Manifesto it says:

"This is one example of how women are trained to keep themselves and other women in their place. Bitches are no less guilty than non-Bitches of self-hatred and group-hatred and those who have gone Bad suffer the worse of both these afflictions. All Bitches are scapegoats and those who have not survived the psychological gauntlet are the butt of everyone's disdain. As a group, Bitches are treated by other women much as women in general are treated by society -- all right in their place, good to exploit and gossip about, but otherwise to be ignored or put down. They are threats to the traditional woman's position and they are also an outgroup to which she can feel superior. Most women feel both better than and jealous of Bitches. While comforting themselves that they are not like these aggressive, masculine freaks, they have a sneaking suspicion that perhaps men, the most important thing in their lives, do find the freer, more assertive, independent, Bitch preferable as a woman."

Women must overcome this slave mentality that fosters fear and jealously. In our closest relatives in the primate community, the bonobos, Matriarchy is achieved through the females of the species bonding together to ward off male aggression. A male's status in the species is determined by the status of his mother-- that is to say, power is passed matrilineally in the Matriarchy.

Women must form powerful and unbreakable bonds amongst their sisters. Just as men have their clubs, their secret societies, which they use to power broke and foster and maintain their power, Women must do the same.

And let their be no mistaking, this Female power must be wielded with aggression and force. If women continue to believe that some soft and cuddly "user-friendly" feminism is going to do the trick, the sisterhood will spend another millennia beneath the boot of patriarchy. Men will only respond with acceptance of true equality for Women when they are forced to acknowledge Female power and fear the consequences of not doing so. Again and again, I'll shout it until it is heard: Power is a zero-sum game. Women have no choice but to take the reigns of power if they are to ensure that their needs are given equal treatment. A Matriarchy will foster equality for women-- there is no alternative, because we have seen that thousands of years of patriarchy cannot. Women without full power end up in places of subservience. Women with power will ensure fairness for all in a way that men never have.

Women must come together as fearless sisters-- they must dare to harness their inner bitch:

"Bitches have to learn to accept themselves as Bitches and to give their sisters the support they need to be creative Bitches. Bitches must learn to be proud of their strength and proud of themselves. They must move away from the isolation which has been their protection and help their younger sisters avoid its perils. They must recognize that women are often less tolerant of other women than are men because they have been taught to view all women as their enemies. And Bitches must form together in a movement to deal with their problems in a political manner. They must organize for their own liberation as all women must organize for theirs. We must be strong, we must be militant, we must be dangerous. We must realize that Bitch is Beautiful and that we have nothing to lose. Nothing whatsoever. "

Matriarchy: Boldness, Aggressiveness, Sisters of Power.

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